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CCM has upgraded their stiff pad line for 2022 in the new Axis collection. The Axis 2.9 blocker employs many technologies intended to offer elite performance, along with a very clean and sharp look. Tech in the Axis 2.9 includes LiteCore in the board, Flexmotion 2, and Speed Skin over the exterior.

External Material
Speed Skin is back on the Axis 2.9 blocker to greatly increase your mobility on the save. This outer skin is one of the lightest skins currently on the market, which is why CCM continues to use it in their goalie gear across all levels.

Internal Construction
The blocker once again uses LiteCore technology, which was originally seen in the Premier series. The Axis 2.9 put a major focus on power and rebound control, and LiteCore is able to offer that amazing power and balance at an incredibly light weight.

Palm Material
The Axis 2.9 uses reinforced Nash synthetic leather over the palm for great feel and durability. Nash is a common material used in player and goalie equipment alike due to its reliable water resistance and toughness. To provide a more balanced feel, the Axis 2.9 uses a centered palm orientation.

Side Hand Protection
To keep your hand secure and out of harm's way, the Axis 2.9 has a rigid sidewall with curved finger protection. This style of hand protection is used at every level and offers exactly the coverage you need in net while also allowing for optimal mobility.

The Flexmotion 2 cuff on the Axis 2.9 has been segmented strategically to allow for easy movement and a greater range of motion. This is particularly important for butterfly goalies who may need to reach for and direct pucks from odd angles on the ice.

Hand Protection
The hand is covered with an HD foam wrap for solid and reliable protection against impact force. The source exclusive version of the Axis 2.9 goalie blocker has upgraded D3O protection in the index finger.