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Starting at the top, the Axis A1.9 Intermediate pant features a newly designed waist to provide superior protection with strategic cuts at the front that allow for unmatched mobility. The spine protector and hip pads sit higher than previous models to provide a solid fit and increased protection. While these have been raised, it is still very versatile for goalies who like to tuck their chest for goalies who do not tuck their chest. At the front of the hips, thigh and groin feature strategically cut padding backed with HD foam protection to give awesome mobility but keep a high level of protection.

The thighs on the Axis A1.9 Intermediate are squared to the shooter with molded polyethylene foams. With the flexibility of the foam in the front of the pant, the goalie will be able to move fluidly while remaining protected in all situations.

The Axis A1.9 Intermediate pant comes with an interior belt that is designed to keep a snug fit on the goaltender’s waist while the exterior of the pant remains loose to provide more coverage. Hidden at the waist is a 1-inch extension zipper that, once undone, provides a longer length if the goalie desires.

All throughout the Axis A1.9 Intermediate pant, there is 400D nylon with specific stretch zones to enhance durability so pucks cannot rip the nylon and the goalie is able to make flexible saves.