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The pro style DC-41 bat is manufactured for power hitters that are looking for an end-loaded swing weight with a stiffer handle flex to maximize overall performance. This two-piece composite design is made from Miken's Triad Xtreme technology. Triad Xtreme technology uses proprietary layering of high strength fibers at Xtreme temperatures, unleashing the ultimate sweetspot and improving hot out of the wrapper durability. The handle of the DC-41 is made with Vortex Technology that uses the power of a braided reinforcement to increase the strength of the handle and optimize performance. Each braided layer distributes the load evenly, while all layers move seamlessly together for optimal flex and performance. The barrel of the DC-41 features Miken's beloved SuperMax end-load for the ultimate momentum boost. The handle features one of the stiffest feels you'll find, resulting in little-to-no give. Made proudly in the U.S.A., the DC-41 features slick, yet subtle patriotic graphics. This season, get a bat that has been dominating professional play. Get a DC-41 and get MAXIMUM POWER at the plate! Miken: Don't Play the Game, Dominate It! The DC-41 is approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.