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Clean water on the go. A combination a membrane filter and an activated carbon filter produces safe and tasty water.

Treats up to 4,000L (varies with water quality).
Replaceable carbon filter disc reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odours, as well as organic chemical matter like pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs (good for 100L).
Removes up to 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria and up to 99.9% of waterborne protozoan cysts.
Leakproof design with a soft silicone mouthpiece.
No shelf life or chemical taste.
Do not allow the cartridge to freeze after initial use.
LifeStraw’s Follow the Liters program provides a child in a developing country safe with drinking water for an entire school year with every LifeStraw product sold.
Exceeds NSF42 standards for chlorine removal and meets US EPA drinking water standards.