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Brian’s Custom Sports has released their Heritage line, designed for the goalie who wants an old school feel in today’s butterfly era.

Brian’s is known for their innovation and technology but can still make a traditional goalie pad to stop pucks. Looking at the face of the pad, you will notice knee rolls running horizontally across the pad which adds into the vintage look, but still serves a functional purpose in creating a softer feel and flex in the pad. Stock, the pads come with a single external break below the knee, but still have internal double breaks to further aid in a softer flex. The pads still feature Brian’s proprietary E-Foam core, but it is designed to be very flexible and lightweight.

On the back of the pad, Brian’s has kept their knee cradle design but used an SBA synthetic suede material which will give some grip into the knee section to help keep the knee on the knee landing. The knee block is made of medium density foam which provides stability when in butterfly slides, but still has some cushion for dropping straight down into the butterfly. The Velcro knee lock can be run directly behind the knee or angled down to the calf if the goalie prefers. There are 4 leather straps per pad with 1 coming directly out of the knee block and angled down just below the knee, 2 at the calf to provide full support and comfort and 1 at the boot to anchor the pad to the skate.

Aesthetically, Brian’s was known for simple and bold Vintage graphics through the 80’s and 90’s and they have brought the design back for this line. You will see full Brian’s Script logos throughout, AIR Pac branding on the shin, Heritage themed Made in Canada patches and the Star Point on the thigh.

Compared to the Alite Senior, the Heritage Pro will be Made in Canada and will feature higher quality materials and durability.

If you are an elite-level goalie looking for gear built in Canada and made with the highest craftsmanship and materials look no further than Brian’s Heritage Pro Senior Goalie Pad.