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The new Brians Optik 9.0 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove has been upgraded to enjoy a redesigned shape and single tee to provide better coverage and a bigger pocket. Brians is also using the 40 degree break angle in the Optik 9.0 Goalie glove that’s also used in their Optik Pro and SubZero Pro goalie gear lines. A nice additional is the SBA material through the hand, providing an excellent comfortable feel that gets tacky as you get sweat for added grip.


  • 40 degree break that offers the same as Optik Pro and SubZero Pro lines
  • Redesigned shape for better coverage
  • Single Tee, larger pocket
  • SBA material offers a comfortable feel that .
  • SBA material provides tack to ensure no slipping
  • Floating wrist strap for movement and flexibility
  • Webbed strapping for customized fit