Mizuno was established in 1906 and has built a trust that comes from their longstanding commitment to providing high-quality equipment for players of all ages.

All Mizuno catcher's mitts come with the fit and feel approval that is intended for passionate players ready to take their game behind home plate to the next level. In 1934, Mizuno created the world's first catcher's mitt. With the spirit of innovation, Mizuno continued to make detailed improvements over the decades to create the game's best mitts at every level - from professionals to the youth player cultivating their craft behind the plate. The MVP Prime Special Edition baseball mitts are the result of industry-leading innovation. Constructed out of smooth, professional-grade Bio-Soft leather, these catcher's gloves maintaining their structure over a much longer period of time and require next to no break-in period. To boost the long-lasting durability and superior structure, Mizuno uses the same professional level lace that's offered in their professional level gloves. But, inside of each model is where the magic really happens. An ultra-comfortable Steer Soft palm liner provides additional padding and a smooth, buttery soft feel that improves both comfort and control.