QST Access 80 Men's Ski Boot

$199.99 $349.99
3 dedicated features : Slide-in liner for easy step-in, ratchet buckle for fast adjusting and Hike and ride system to improve walking

At a scant 1.6kg, QST Access is one of the lightest boots in it's class.

Lightweight shell and liner to reduce fatigue.

QST Access 80 has a ratchet buckle for intuitive adjustment, making this easy walking boot convenient and comfortable for all-day skiing.

Polyolefin + easy step-in overlap
The softer and easier to handle material creates a suppler overlap that makes it easier to step into the boot, while also providing lightness and allowing greater progressivity.

My Custom Fit comfort
This liner offers great comfort, good insulation and easy step-in.

2 riveted alumix + 1 ratchet
The ratchet buckle is located on the cuff to offer easier tooth catch up and a wider adjustment range.