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For parents and young goalies, finding good youth goalie equipment is difficult. Some youth goalie gear is over built and the gear is too bulky and stiff and some youth goalie gear is under built and it is no better then street hockey gear. Since Vaughn is a goalie specific manufacture, they know what the little guys need. Features on this blocker include a contoured blocker board to help prevent interference with the chest protector. Full side hand protection to help keep the goalie safe when they get out of position. Full finger protection but not too much that the goalie cannot squeeze the goalie stick. Tapered bottom that help get the blocker low to the ice surface, this is important when a young goalie drops his stick. Too many times we see a goalie not be able to pick up their stick because the blocker design will not allow them to. Palm is centered for a balanced feel.

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Youth Goalie Blocker Features

  • Curved front blocking board
  • Side shield for added protection
  • Contoured cuff
  • Side index finger guard
  • Full finger protectors
  • Tapered top and bottom of board
  • Palm position optimized for easy stick pick up
  • Molded thumb protector