$119.99 $159.99
  • Elite Protection: Designed with 11-piece backhand and three-piece finger features, and PRO-GRADE 20mm EEP foam and PE inserts, players benefit from increased protection and premium shock absorption
  • Tapered Fit: With a tapered fit designed to take the shape of the player’s hand, combined with the AX suede palms, the XC7 Gloves offer complete comfort and wrist mobility
  • Key Technologies: Hinge Flex Thumb, TRUEFLEXX+ technology is a hinge thumb overlap system that protects against slashing when the thumb is closed, as well as hyperextension when the thumb is fully extended
  • Key Technologies: AX Suede, Premium eight-way stretch AX Suede palm provides a revolutionary connection between a player’s hands and stick. Measuring only 0.5mm, the XC7 palm provides unmatched comfort and feel
  • Key Technologies: Our antimicrobial protection system reduces the growth of odor causing bacteria on the product for a longer lasting clean feel
  • Active Substance: Zinc pyrithione