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CCM has developed their newest adaptation in the YTFlex line. The all new CCM YTFlex 2 Youth Goalie Chest and Arm Protector is designed to promote proper save fundamentals and help young goalies learn to play the game.

Starting off with the chest and stomach portion of the CCM YTFlex 2 Youth Chest Protector, CCM has used PE Foam blocks through the stomach and chest build of the chest to provide great protection and soften puck impact. The sternum portion is reinforced with extra PE Foam to provide increased protection for the goaltender. On the back, CCM has provided two velcro straps that pull around the goaltender’s sides and secure the chest protector to the users body for a comfortable and adjustable fit.

On to the shoulder and arm portion of the CCM YTFlex 2 chest and arm protector, CCM has used segmented PE Foam on the shoulder wings to help soften shoulder shots and prevent goalies from getting hit with a bad shot between the chest and arm area. The shoulder caps of the YTFlex 2 are made of compression molded PE Foam that maximizes coverage and protection for the shoulder area of the goaltender.

Down to the bicep and forearm, CCM has continued with the PE Foam build all the way down to the wrist to give the goalie great protection and comfort. Finally, the elbows are made with an independent adjustable elbow protector to provide to goalie with a comfortable and customizable fit.

If you are looking for an adjustable and comfortable chest and arm unit, all while designed for a young entry-level goaltender, the CCM YTFlex 2 Youth Goalie Chest and Arm Protector is the unit for you.