Axis Pro Blocker Senior

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Brand new for 2020, CCM has revolutionized their flagship line and brought out the CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Blocker. Building off their successful board design, the Axis Pro has integral new pieces of technology and lightweight materials to help the goalie make ultimate blocker saves with unrivaled range of motion.

Visually, the Axis Pro blocker comes with SpeedSkin lined with strategic digital prints to provide a unique look and the best durability. Combined with the hex print style on certain zones, this graphic will be sure to turn heads.

Starting with the board itself, the Axis Pro features Heat-Laminated Dual Density foam with Polyethylene reinforcements to provide hard rebounds that redirect to the corner with ease. Wrapping to the sidewall, the Axis Pro has a true bindingless sidewall that provides a clean look but it also improves the durability by removing the binding that used to stick out and get worn on the side of the stick.

Next, CCM has redesigned the index finger portion of the sidewall and connection point for the index finger protection which is called the Curved Finger Protection. The Curved Finger pad gives goalies added protection and seal along the stick. Similar to other CCM models, there is a full wrap of D3O Material around the index finger to protect against any pucks that might roll up into the stick and try to jam the index finger.

On the back cuff of the blocker, CCM has added in a 3D molded shape which aids in providing the goaltender with unrivaled range of motion. Also, this cuff doubles in protection for when the goalie wraps their arm around the post for in tight plays.

Finishing off the blocker is CCM’s Multi-layered Nash material which ultimately helps the goalie with the best grip on their stick throughout a session.

If you are an elite-level butterfly goaltender who is looking for a natural feeling blocker with a large HD blocking board ready to send pucks hard to the corner, look no further than the CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Blocker.