Looking for optimal way to burn a ton of calories? Everlast’s CardioBlast Heavy Bag is specially designed for the athlete looking to get their heart racing and their body drenched in sweat.

The CardioBlast bag combines a lightweight technical outer shell with impact dispersing stuffing for the ultimate in dynamic cardio training. Its premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing along with superior heavy bag construction provides durability and functionality. 

Using EverStrike innovation, your bag features is a woven, textured lightweight synthetic material engineered for maximum durability. This bag has been designed to be longer in bag length (40") to accommodate all your punches, knees, and kicks.  By constructing this bag without sandbags, CardioBlast efficiently created a softer feel for cardio and conditioning work. 

Take your heavy bag training to the next level and use it towards boxing and MMA training or general fitness. Getting physically and mentally stronger is made easy with Everlast equipment hoisting you up.

Our heavy bags are made with a locking zipper to keep the bag from opening. During the manufacturing process, we want the stuffing to be appropriately enclosed within the bag. By breaking off the zipper, our heavy bags stay permanently locked and free from unzipping, keeping the overall bag intact and responsive when used for physical activity.

40 lbs: Dimensions:  55" H x 11.5" D

Not recommended for outside use.