Looking to innovate on their already popular covert hockey stick line for 2022, Warrior is releasing The Covert QR5 20 Senior Hockey Stick. The Covert QR5 20 is lighter, tougher, and is sporting a newly redesigned blade. The Covert QR5 20 is looking to be one of their lightest and quickest Warrior sticks to date.

Stick Flex Profile
Covert is classified as a low to ultra-low kick point stick family. A low kick point is ideal for players who prefer to get closer to the play and maneuver in tighter corners and situations. Warrior brought back their QREdge Taper, which is an angular, hexagonal geometry that becomes more pronounced as you reach closer to the hosel. Its purpose is to enhance that transfer of energy through the shaft to the blade for a more powerful shot and even quicker release.

Shaft Construction & Stiffness
Warrior is well-known in the hockey and lacrosse worlds for constantly reworking their carbon construction and materials, and this stick’s shaft demonstrates their advancements in that area. The shaft uses Warrior’s own Minimus Carbon UD, also seen in the Alpha line, which is a very light and resistant unidirectional carbon. The shaft on the outside uses a tacky grip to help you keep the stick locked onto your hand.

As seen in the Alpha LX 20 stick, the Covert QR5 20 uses their premium-grade RLC 155, or Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 155, which is a better stick design for withstanding bend and impact force. It can take these forces through its use of a harder resin and elongation fibres.

Blade Construction
The Covert QR5 20 uses a FuelCore Pro blade, as also seen in the Alpha LX 20. This polymer blade core contributes to the stick’s light weight, and it works with the low kick point and Edge Taper to help you get those quick and explosive shots off.

This rendition of the Warrior Covert line is mainly blue on the top and black on the bottom, with orange accents highlighting the QR5 logo in the middle of the stick. The Warrior logo and text logo are on the top blue part in black, as if cut out from the blue colouring.

W03 is the best all-around blade pattern, with a mid-curve style. It is great at handling the puck in small spaces, including face-offs; however, this curve may suffer a little bit on the backhand. M03 is similar to the W03 but just a bit taller for better control and power.

W05 is an open, medium-sized heel curve that specializes in quick release and accurate passes.