Bio-Logix engineered low profile, lightweight and highly-supportive brace.
Flex-Link hinge design for maximum ankle support and ultimate Body-In-Motion performance.
Quick-wrap closure secures ankle easily.
Ergonomic lateral and medial molded plastic internal support stays comfortably surround joint.
Anatomical support via molded TPU exoskeleton also provides further lateral stability.
Articulating plastic internal stirrup wraps upward from under-foot supporting below the ankle.
Natural flexion/extension and fluid movement provided by Soft Flex-Link hinge integration.
Integrated Figure-8 strap system and Heel-Lock Strap for max ankle inversion and over-extension stability.
Ankle joint and brace precisely aligned with contoured comfort memory foam.
Simple on/simple off rear access with forefoot sleeve and quick-wrap closure.
Anti-slip silicone sole creates stable in-shoe contact and enhanced performance.
Anatomically specific for right or left ankle.