Extreme Flex 5 Goalie Chest Protector Senior


New for 2021, the CCM Extreme Flex 5 SR Chest Protector combines mobility and protection to best serve the elite goaltender. The use of mobile Max Flex Fit technology, ventilated dual-layer rib protection and D30 smart foam allow the EFlex 5 to be extremely mobile, with no sacrifices to protection and coverage.

Internal Foams
The CCM EFlex 5 Chest Protector is equipped with molded HD Foams and Molded D3O Foam in the sternum and shoulder area for extra impact protection. The combination of these foams on the chest protector are ideal for a lightweight feel while also optimal protection.

Shoulder Caps
The EFlex 5 Chest and Arm features segmented and contoured shoulder floaters. This design maintains coverage and presence in the net, while allowing for easy head movement and a close-to-the-body feel. The shoulder caps on the Eflex 5 are made up of compression-molded HD foam for optimized protection.

Adjustable Arms
The arms of the CCM EFlex 5 can be brought up or down through its Velcro attachment system.

Elbow Caps
The elbows of the EFlex 5 are made up of hard, independently adjustable material that are equipped with a comfort fit cap.

Back Straps
The E-Flex 5 chest protector features 2 back clips on either side to put the unit on. These clips are protected by high density foam pads, which reduces breakage from puck impacts.

The CCM Extreme Flex 5 Senior Chest Protector is available in sizes Small through Extra Large.