Extreme Point 5 Pickleball Paddle


The Extreme Point .5 is constructed of Fiberglass skin with a Polymer Honeycomb 1/2″ (half inch) core. This paddle will give you all the control you’ll need at the net, and great power when using your overhead smash or punch volley. It’s considered a “quiet” sounding paddle and are on most approval lists for parks with noise restrictions. Powered by POLY-CHLOR edge-guard technology, our paddles’ bumper is build to last while offering a light-weight feel for a more balanced paddle and bigger sweet-spot.

  • SUGGESTED PLAYER TYPE: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Great for both indoor and outdoor play

  • SKIN – Fiberglass

  • CORE – Polymer Honeycomb

  • AVG. WEIGHT – 7.7oz – 8.0oz

  • WIDTH – 8″

  • LENGTH – 15 1/4″


  • GRIP SIZE – 4 1/4″