From Warrior's elite Fatboy line of box lacrosse pads come the Warrior Fatboy Next Youth Box Lacrosse Rib Pads, built for increased protection at the youth level.

Designed and sized specifically for the new or developing youth player, the Fatboy Rib Pads are fitted with durable plastic and high-density foam on the outer shell that both increase protection and comfort.

Mesh shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit, and can be adjusted to grow with the player and continue to offer elite-level protection as the player advances in the ranks. An easy-to-use clip system helps the player suit up before games without issue, and help the Fatboys fit with any set of shoulder pads for a versatile fit.

If you're a new or developing player looking for added protection that can used for seasons to come, the Warrior Fatboy Next Youth Box Lacrosse Rib Pads are what you need.