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These ice skates feature leather uppers which are coated in polyurethane and they also have stylish PVC outsoles. Designed to be low-maintenance, these easy-care girls skates also look very attractive. They are traditional white ice skates with laces which may be adjusted for proper fit. As well, they come with linings made from microfibre which enhance comfort. This lining is rugged, so it will last for a long time. Also, these skates have supple top lines which make them so easy to wear. The tongues of these skates are backed with soft foam and all of the hooks are covered, so as to reduce any risk of ankle discomfort.

Polyurethane coated leather upper and Stylized PVC outsole for easy care

Microfibre lining for comfort and durability and Softer topline for added comfort
Contoured backstrap for improved ankle fit with Memory foam padding is shaped isometrically to fit ankles better and offer lasting comfort
Improved foam backed all leather tongue and Covered hooks to eliminate ankle irritation
Ultima Mirage all purpose blade attached with screws