Starting off with the kick point of the JetSpeed Team, the Hybrid Kick Point is designed to bridge the gap between a lighting fast shot release and great power. This is achieved by a highly stiff flex zone sandwiched between two softer flex zones, starting just below the JetSpeed logo, creating a hinge-like effect within the shaft. This design allows players to get quick shots off in tight spaces as well as let heavy shorts fly from the blue line.

Moving into the construction and materials, C6 Weave that extends into the blade from the shaft is a lightweight carbon fiber weave for extraordinary stiffness, strength and durability throughout the shaft and blade. Down at the blade with the JS3 Blade with a Peel-Ply texture. The blade itself is a lightweight design with proprietary dampened core for feel and precision.

Finally looking further to enhance overall comfort and feel, CCM has developed a new I-Shape shaft in collaboration with elite men, women, and youth hockey players. This design features rounded corners and concave sides for improved control and comfort.