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Take your portable Northstar lights with you on your next outdoor adventure. Just plug the USB into your portable power bank and voilà, you
shall see the light! Comes complete in a translucent carry pouch, which you can hang (with the lights inside) via one of the 3 silicone ties,
or pull the magnetic silicone covered rope lights out of the pouch and the silicone ties to hang in a tent, from your awning or from a branch!
∙› Silicone covered LED light rope with USB end
∙› Water Resistant
∙› LED Quantity: 60
∙› Lamp life: 100000 hours
∙› Translucent carry pouch included
Light Color: White
Rope Size: 2 metre (6 ft) (L), 12mm (W)
Bag Size: 5”(W) x 7”(H)
Total Weight: 0.12lbs/60g