OPTik Pro Flex Goalie Pad

$999.99 $1,399.99
Taking pieces from their ever popular Subzero and Gnetik lines of gear, the Optik gear reaches a new level of creativity and brings the goaltender the ultimate line of gear.

Beginning with the outer structure of the pads, the Optik’s will feature a naturally wider look which is due to the graphic and new outer roll. The outer roll is dramatically thinned out to reduce weight and allow for better five hole closure.

Looking at the outer shape of the pad, Brian’s Optik line is offered in 2 flex options which are just different internal chassis’. The Optik is offered in ((FLX)) and ||FLY||. The ((FLX)) option is similar to a double internal break with an 80 degree toe taper which will is meant for that hybrid goalie who wants more of an S curve to their pads. The ||FLY|| option will be for those goalies that have a wider butterfly and want a stiffer setup in their pad. Stock, it comes with stiffer internal breaks and a 90 degree toe taper. Both of these chassis options will still feature harder rebound patterns to allow the goalie to kick the puck away and hard to the corner.

For the inside sliding edge, Brian’s uses their Primo material all across the inside and has featured a pro binding design, where the binding is recessed into the pad with the slide plates over top to give a seamless design to reduce wear and increase sliding speed.

Moving onto the back of the pad, Brian’s has refined their leg channel design and changed out some materials to add in better durability and comfort while in the butterfly. The knee cradle is made of a high grade nylon which makes for a more comfortable landing pad. The knee block underneath is now fully laced in which helps keep the knee block tight to the pad when driving down into the butterfly. The final touch on the knee block includes a 45 degree angled edge which helps reduce the likelihood of the knee blocks hitting one another during movements and recoveries.

The leg channel features the popular Smart X Strap, but it is now redesigned with a 2 inch wide knee to calf elastic. This new feature will prevent the pad from over rotating and will keep the knee tight into the knee lock. From below the inside of the calf to the outside of the knee, there is a removable 1 inch wide strap that can help secure the knee further into the pad, similarly found on the Gnetik3. In the calf, the Optik pad features a large removable air pillow that provides extra support under the calf when down in the butterfly.

Finishing off the leg channel, there is a large 2 inch wide calf elastic which simply on the outside of the leg and does not double back onto itself like previous models. Finally, the boot channel has the seatbelt style Smart Boot strap with an elastic toe setup and high grade jenpro in certain wear areas to reduce potential wear.

If you are an elite-level goalie who is looking for the newest and best offering from the team at Brian’s Custom Sports, look no further than the Brian’s Optik Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pad.