Optik 2 Goal Pad

$1,499.99 $2,099.99
Brian’s Custom Sports has introduced their next second adaptation in the Optik series with the Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads. Brian’s aimed to reach a new level of creativity with the first Optik line and the Optik 2 takes that concept and improves key features to push the bar even higher for Brian’s gear.

Starting off with the outer structure of the Brian’s Optik 2 pads, you will see the familiar outer roll from the previous Optik pad that both reduces the weight of the build and improves five hole closure.

Looking at the outer shape of the Brian’s Optik 2, the <<MAX>> core option is the newest feature on the Optik line. Brian’s decided to create this core due to customer input and popular trends in custom orders. The <<MAX>> option will be a middle ground between the ((FLX)) and ||FLY|| option, featuring the S shape as seen in the ((FLX)) but offering a stiffer build that a goalie needs for long term use but will not be as stiff as the ||FLY|| option. The <<MAX>> option will come as a 84 degree toe taper that will help the pad better rotate into the butterfly.

Similar to the other cores available custom, the Optik 2 <<MAX>> core will feature harder rebound patterns to allow the goaltender to kick pucks out away and hard to the corner. This core will feature an ultra lightweight E foam pad core implemented to keep the Optik 2 at a very low weight construction.

The inside edge of the Brian’s Optik 2 will feature the popular Primo sliding edge as seen in other Brian’s models. Primo is designed to give the goaltender a quicker sliding surface while adding durability for long term use.

Moving on to the back of the pad, Brian’s has slightly refined the leg channel from the Optik build. The knee cradle is made of a high grade nylon which makes for a more comfortable landing. Brian’s has added a stiffness to the knee to create a more stable landing when going down in to the butterfly. On the knee lander, a specific addition of a grip material helps keep the goalies knee perfectly locked into the pad. The final touch on the knee block is the 45 degree angle edge that helps reduce the risk of the knee blocks interfering with each other during movements and recoveries.

Around on the leg channel, the Optik 2 features the popular 2 inch Smart X strap as used in the previous model that will help over rotation and will keep the knee tight into the knee lock. From below the inside of the calf to the outside of the knee, there is an attachment point so goalies can add a specific 1 inch wide strap that helps secure the knee further into the pad. In the calf, the Optik 2 pad features a large removable air pillow that provides extra support under the calf when down in the butterfly.

Finally, the boot strap features the same seatbelt style smart boot strap with an elastic smart toe cord for a more responsive connection to the Optik 2 leg pad.

If you are an elite-level goaltender who previously enjoyed the Optik leg pad or is looking for the newest and best offering from Brian’s Custom Sports, look no further than the Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads.