Outdoor Rubber Beachball Set



Neoprene beachball set of 2 rackets (neon-yellow / blue), covered with elastic neoprene for maximum catapult effect (length 40cm, width 22.5cm), 2 balls diameter approximately 40mm, in resealable meshbag.

Neoprene beach ball set consisting of 2 rackets with print. The rackets are covered with elastic neoprene for maximum catapult effect (length 40 cm, width 22.5 cm, thickness 0.8 cm), 2 rubber balls (diameter approximately 40mm), in reclose able mesh pocket with drawstrings. Compared to the well-known wooden beach ball sets, the Neoprene beach ball sets impress with their significantly higher ball flight due to the high trampoline effect of the elastic neoprene. The noise on the beach is also lower. At the same time, the neoprene is a very pleasantly soft and handy material. The racket is good and comfortable in the hand. The neoprene and the plastic core are (salt-) waterproof. In contrast to the wooden sets, this set can sometimes get wet without breaking. As always with Schildkröt, the complete set is packed in a re-sackable net bag with drawstrings. So everything can be cleared up after the game and nothing is lost! The over 100-year-old German brand, Schildkröt, is considered the inventor of the table tennis ball. In addition to table tennis, Schildkröt now also offers a very extensive fun sports collection and is considered the market leader in this field.