Pro Style Grappling Gloves


Grappling techniques are used in a variety of martial arts, and is a great self-defence skill to master. Everlast’s MMA Grappling Gloves will help you excel in this skill while building your image as an athlete.

The gloves are made with a premium synthetic leather along with superior glove construction increases durability and functionality. Its full wrist wrap strap enhances wrist support and allows for a more customizable fit. These fingerless gloves will help you nail those clinch fighting and submission techniques.

The new design features a refined MMA grappling glove padding silhouette and a more ergonomic fist shape for improved comfort and flexibility. It also has built-in articulated finger ridges for ease of movement.

These gloves are perfect for MMA, grappling and mitt work. Take hold of your competition and should them you mean business.