Rambler Replacement Magslider Lid


Seals your drink to keep splashes at bay while on the go!

Keep splashes at bay and debris out with the Rambler MagSlider Lid- individually sized for Yeti Mugs, Tumblers, Lowballs, and Stackable Pints. For each size, the smooth magnet offers a reliable sliding mechanism. Plus, the magnet is simple to remove for easier, more thorough cleaning, so it can stay in its prime, and far outlast any other slider lids out there. This dishwasher-safe lid also adds a barrier protection to keep coffer, water, wine shandies - any drink you're craving - contained while helping prevent heat or cold from escaping.

Please note: The MagSlider Lid is not leakproof and will not prevent spills. This lid is not compatible with Rambler Bottles or Jugs or Travel Mugs with the Stronghold Lid.

See what size Rambler MagSlider Lid fits your Rambler:

Small: 295 ML Wine Tumbler, 295 ML Tumbler

Medium: 295 ML Lowball, 295 ML Mug, 710 ML Mug, 473 ML Pint, 591 ML Tumbler, 739 ML Straw Mug

Large: 414 ML Mug, 769 ML Cup, 887 ML Tumbler, 1L Straw Mug, 1.2L Straw Mug