At the competitive level, Bauer is releasing the new Vapor 3X glove. The glove is complete with various high-end tech to keep your hands quick and agile while you play, including a Taktile palm, a molded Flex thumb, and a precurved backhand. A variety of bright colours and patterns are also included in the design of this level glove, making it more exciting and fun to play in.

External Material
The Vapor 3X gloves are covered over the exterior in poly mesh, which is a standard choice for gloves because of its cut resistance and durability. PU synthetic leather has also been integrated over the glove to enhance durability and water resistance.

Finger Design & Protection
The gloves are equipped with MD foam and PE shield inserts in the fingers, in addition to a three-piece index finger design. The three-piece design helps enhance flexibility in that finger, allowing for more overall freedom when stickhandling.

Backhand Protection
The backhand of the 3X Junior-level glove is precurved with an HD foam insert, which molds around the hand for a closer, more comfortable fit. This combination offers the ideal balance between comfort, protection, and control when stickhandling.

Thumb Design
The gloves use a simple, two-piece molded Flex thumb, complete with standard foam and plastic inserts. The two-piece design allows for good maneuverability while keeping your thumb in place. Beyond permitting excellent mobility, it also keeps your thumb from hyperextending, which could otherwise cause injury.

Cuff Design
The integrated cuff roll has an open design, which offers great wrist movement. The resulting effect is a cuff that lets you get that extra snap on the puck while providing ultimate protection from slashes and shots.

Palm Material & Gussets
The 3X glove at the Junior level uses a neon yellow Taktile palm with a dark grey abrasion pad along the centre where the glove comes in most contact with the stick. As the name suggests, the Taktile palm greatly increases grip and feel with the stick. Making this area of the glove more durable as well has been a major focus in modern times as more and more hockey sticks are being developed with more grip. The comfort stretch gussets help keep the fingers malleable enough to move with you and your game.

For just a bit more of a fashionable feel while you play, the palm at Bauer’s competitive-level gloves this year has also been brightly coloured with visually appealing patterns.

The liner in the 3X is the same combination of liners that we’ve seen before in the previous Vapor 2X series: Hypersense and Thermomax+. Hypersense is located in the fingers and provides that desired game-ready feel; Thermomax+ in the backhand area keeps your hands fresher and cooler all game long with its odour and moisture-managing properties.