These holders were designed to give players the option to switch out their blades on the fly! With efficiency and ease of use in mind, the SpeedBlade XS Holders are CCM’s most advanced holders to date!

On the back of each holder, players will find what is known as CCM’s BladeLock Technology. This is a positive-lock dial that tightly secures the blade to the holder! This design helps prevent the blade from loosening during gameplay, thus giving players consistent and maximized energy transfer within each stride!

If you run into the unfortunate situation of a broken blade, the solution is now vastly easier! Simply roll the BlackLock dial until you feel resistance and pull the blade out. From there, firmly but carefully insert your new blade into the holder until you feel it snap into place, turn the dial back, then get back out there on the ice!

  • Quick and Easy to swap blades
  • Mechanical lock system that keeps a tight connection between the holder and the runner
  • Consistently tightly-secured blade to the holder maximized the energy transfer in each stride