Sunny Soc Sunglass Sleeve


Protect in Style - we have 20+ fun and on-trend designs.
Convenient replacement to the bulky case. Pop it in your pocket with ease!.
Eco-Friendly - microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles.
Clasp - fun to play with and more reliable than the fiddly drawstring.
 Lens cleaning cloth attached inside to keep your sunnies smudge free (your lenses will love you!).
Carabiner - so you can clip your sunnysoc wherever and whenver you like.

Sunnysocs are made from recycled plastic bottles.
Approximately one bottle makes enough fabric for one sunnysoc.
94% rPET / 6% spandex.
Microfiber cleaning cloth tucked inside.

*Sunnysocs will fit most glasses and sunglasses, but if your glasses are too big to fit in a regular drawstring sunglasses pouch, then they’re likely too big for the sunnysoc.