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 CCM Super Tacks 9380 Intermediate Goalie Skates feature a high quality boot with metaframe technology which directly results in amazing transfer for fast movements. The material on the one-piece boot is made of Rocketframe composite which combines a super lightweight with NHL caliber protection. Generally, the Super Tacks 9380 skates have an all around form-fit on the forefoot, heel and ankle. At the boot collar on the heel, you will find an asymmetrical design which provides the ability for the goalie to get into a deep stance without the outer edge digging into their heels. This stiff and comfortable support is integral for high level performance.

Moving to the tongue, CCM has utilized a Tritech Flex with molded lace bite protection to further provide comfort and stability throughout their use. Adding to the comfort, the 9380 skates come with a TotalDri Liner that has a moisture wicking material to help keep feet dry and from slipping inside the skate.

For the outsole and footbed, the 9380 Intermediate skates come with a combined lightweight design and footbeds to improve energy transfer during all movements in the crease. The outsole is made of a Concave Reinforced Injected Nylon for helping keep moisture out of the boot. This entire boot, outsole and footbed are heat moldable to help the break in period and maximize the comfort of the skate.

The Super Tacks 9380 skate comes with the new and improved quick-release SpeedBlade XSG holder. For goalies who like to swap their steel with ease, the XSG holder allows for that action without the steel getting loose in the holder. Specific runners are designed for the XSG holder, and you will find that the skate comes with XSG1 steel.

If you are an intermediate-level butterfly goaltender who is looking for ultimate comfort without losing energy transfer in all crease movements