Super Tacks X Senior Helmet

Years of game changing R&D, performance testing, and 3D digital manufacturing have led to the next generation in head protection, the Super Tacks X Helmet from CCM Hockey! Thanks to these all-new innovative technologies, the Super Tacks X Helmet is one of the most advanced on the market.

The interior of the Super Tacks X Helmet will be fit with an innovative leading-edge 3D printed continuous fit liner. The Nest Tech 3D printed lattice is optimally tuned with variable densities at specific locations throughout the liner to help distribute all types of hockey impacts in the most key areas. For further impact absorption and extra protection, CCM will have D30 smart material and additional multi density foams throughout. This new technology will offer unparalleled protection and fit.

Aside from elite protection, The Super Tacks X Helmet will also be superior in comfort as well. This is also thanks to the new Nest Tech 3D printed liner. The Nest Tech Liner will more easily conform to your head with a soft continuous unparalleled fit. Due to the versatility of this liner, it allows the Super Tacks X helmet to breath much better and offer maximum airflow to your head. Breathability means less body heat loss, giving you more consistent energy overall. This will help in increasing your performance throughout the game and help you to recuperate faster between shifts.

Onto helmet adjustment, the Super Tacks X Helmet features a tool free front to back adjustment system. This easy-to-use adjustment will offer a wider size range for the best customized snug fit. Achieving the perfect helmet fit has never been easier! Simply open the tabs on the sides of the helmet, adjust to size, and you are ready to go.

Visually, the Super Tacks X Helmet features a pro-approved look that is both stylish and efficient when it comes to generating airflow throughout the helmet. The sides of outer shell have also been reinforced for added protection against a wide variety of impact types.

If you are a player looking for elite level protection and cutting-edge technologies to keep your head as comfortable and safe as possible on the ice, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks X Helmet.