Team Glider Nordic Ski Set

$87.99 $109.99

Children's Ski Glider in the ski set for the first origins. Solid plastic ski with wooden core for small children aged 2-5 years. The children's ski has a plastic comb binding and come skis with poles. For the first exercises on the little Hill – These are Children's Ski a great party planning solution. For these children's ski does not require any special ski boots are required for normal winter shoes fit into this ski. The children's ski to learn and play are shatter-proof and are available in two different lengths.

Binding: thanks to the flexible adjustable staps on instep and heel on the shoe size

Ski length/pole length: 80 cm x 60 cm 90 cm x 60 cm 100 cm/70 cm 110 cm/80 cm 120 cm/80 cm 130 cm/90 cm 140 cm/90 cm