Velocity VE8 Carbon Pro Goalie Pads Senior

$1,249.99 $2,099.99
Continuing to build off of that Velocity core in the V7 XF, the VE8 has similar characteristics and flex, but the strapping system has undergone a complete overhaul. First, the face of the pad still features flattened knee rolls to aid in vertical and torsional flex but the edges are slightly rounded so they compound better into the thigh and knee sections. Stock, the pad will come with a single outer roll break, but still keeps internal breaks both above and below the knee. This feature will help give the pad some extra durability over time yet will still give the comfortable flex Velocity users have grown to love. Running the entire length of the pad, there is Carbon material to help create some stiffness and rigidity to reduce any potential shrinkage or settling.

The face of the pad features a new graphic which is a slight departure from the graphics Vaughn was using before. Now, there are harder edges and lines instead of the smooth lines they were known to use. This graphic is purposely designed to be visually distracting to the shooter by creating large breaks in the lines to create a “netting” type look.

Moving through to the side of the pad, you will see a thinner outer gusset which helps promote better pant/pad integration when going in to the butterfly. This thinner outer gusset also helps reduce the weight of the pad which ultimately keeps your body less fatigued. Within the knee cradle, Vaughn has reengineered the way the knee cradle is put together and the amount of options you have for the knee Velcro strap. The knee lander and knee block have full Velcro to give a nice solid landing block to give the best a stable feeling when down. The outer knee flap is also fully removable so for goalies like to angle their knee Velcro knee lock down to the calf, you can unlace the outer flap to create a seamless and smooth rotation.

Continuing on the success of the RRC strap, Vaughn has redesigned this upper calf strap with more elastic to create more stretch on the leg. They did remove the magnetic buckle and replaced it with Velcro on elastic for better durability. For those who do not like the RRC strap or a tight fit, this strap is 100% removable to create a looser feeling on the leg.

The largest change that you will notice is within the leg channel and the strapping system across the calf. Vaughn has created 2 elastic straps that function just like regular straps but have magnets replacing the buckles to increase the speed of getting the pad on/off but also reducing weight. These buckles rotate on the outside buckle so any interference is now removed because of the freedom the buckles have. This system is carried into the boot strap as well, offering an incredible dialed in fit with a super easy on/off function.

Lastly, Vaughn has created a slightly larger calf wrap to fully encompass the leg into the pad. The wrap runs from below the knee to the top of the goalie skate, but has a segment which wraps directly behind the leg to give ultimate protection and closure into the pad. This segment is finished off with a large Velcro double back strap, similar to what was found on the RRC upper calf strap.

Compared to the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro leg pads, the VE8 Pro Carbon leg pads will feature higher quality materials and a North American build.

If you are a Vaughn Velocity enthusiast that wants simplified and effective strapping, while still encapsulated in the North American factories, look no further than the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads.