Velocity VE8 Goalie Chest Protector Youth

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The Vaughn Velocity VE8 Youth Chest & Arm Protector is a great choice for a young goalie and goalie parent looking for a real youth goalie chest protector. To be honest, some youth chest protectors are not much more protective then a player shoulder pad, therefore a youth goalie who does not have a lot of protection. Without the protection aspect, a youth goalie will get hit hard eventually and this leads to the goalie being hurt or scared. The Vaughn XF youth chest protector has real goalie chest and shoulder floaters, a sternum plate and proper arm, elbow and spine protection. The arms are adjustable which help as the goalie is growing. We highly recommend the Vaughn VE8 youth for a youth goalie committed to playing goalie. Even if the youth players cannot shoot very hard, we guarantee a coach, older player, parent, etc will take a shot that can do damage. By taking the proper safety precautions, this helps eliminate injuries and also fear of the puck some youth goalies develop from being hit hard and not having a protective enough chest protector.