2L Vertical Replacement Reservoir

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A 2 liter vertical replacement reservoir by Dakine compatible with packs calling for Hydrapak 2 liter reservoirs this has the low profile Shape-Loc center baffle which adds rigidity to the shape of the bladder to cut down on water weight shifting while you're in motion. A more resilient design than a bad without a baffle this design cuts down on unexpected weight shift which can throw you off your stride and risks compromising the reservoir's integrity. A wide mouth opening makes it easier to fill, drain, and clean, while the plug-and-play connectors make disassembly and reassembly quick and easy. Equipped with a high-flow Blaster valve with a shut off to prevent unexpected leaks, the Blaster offers the highest water flow on the market in a convenient hands free bite valve. The bag and tubes are made from PBA and PFC free, FDA approved, Polyurethane (TPU) material, flexible and durable even in cold weather. A conveniently sized reservoir bag especially for those who find 3 liter bags heavy and cumbersome this slides into any pack that calls for a vertical reservoir bag and secures with the clip or strap in the bag through the top handle. Feed the tube out through the securing channels and you're ready to go.


Dakine x Hydrapak design
Low profile Shape-Loc center baffle
Plug-N-Play quick tube connector
Wide mouth opening allows for easy fill & cleaning
High-flow Blaster valve w/ shut-off
BPA and PVC free, FDA approved Polyurethane(TPU) material