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t's a stronger, smoother, better-designed ride.

The Xebex Air Bike takes user-focused engineering to the next level. It’s challenging yet accommodating, rock-solid yet easily transportable, feature-rich yet ergonomic, sophisticated yet easy to use.

Start with a resistance system that’s controlled by you, not the machine. The harder you push, pull or pedal, the more air resistance you crank out of that chain-driven 24” flywheel. No power or motor required! Ease up to cool down and lower your heart rate. Then take a look at that 109 lb steel frame. It’s unshakably stable – even on uneven surfaces, thanks to convenient stand adjustments. Fixed parts like the diamond-plate footrest are built directly onto it, making them remarkably rigid and keeping them out of the way of your exercise. Working parts are connected at every joint by sealed bearings that guarantee long life and friction-free action – whether you want to pedal or just work your arms on the handles.

Comfort and efficiency are two more considerations impressively addressed by features like well-padded, adjustable seats and a large, easy-to-read console. It’s a bike that can provide any rider of any skill level an effective full-body workout. So hop on and make it your own!


Base/Frame – built to last:

109-lb steel frame

Heavy-duty 24" fan, 27" with fan housing

Sealed cartridge bottom bracket

Heavier base and handles produce a more intense workout

Increased arm range of motion

Pedal arm uses sealed bearings - stays tighter over time

Large, Easy-to-Read Console/Programs - comprehensive performance and progress at a glance:

Competition-level monitor

Tracks distance (meter or mile),

Time, speed (km or mi),

Calories, watts, and heart rate (compatible with 5khz chest belts)

Programmable custom interval functions (work, rest programs)

Set distance or calorie-burn targets with countdown functionality

- Distance tracked in meters or thousandths of a mile (1000.0 = 1 mile)

Comfort/Adjustments - fits various heights:

Rubber-Dipped handles

4-way adjustable seat

Peg attachment foot rests

Extra padding on seat

Optional Pair of SPD Cleat Pedals: Toe cup and SPD clip-in design to take your workout to a whole new level!

Versatility – get a full-body workout:

Push, pull and pedal

Activate muscles in your arms, chest, back, legs, and even your core (for washboard abs)

Use foot rests and handles to concentrate on arms and upper body.

Add pedals for full-body and enhanced cardio and burn

Any user can set their own pace and control their own resistance.

Ergonomics – assembly, workouts and storage made simple:

Easy assembly, with 7 total component parts to put together.

All necessary tools, hardware, and clear, illustrated instructions included.

Footrests and other non-moving parts mounted on frame, not handles

Everything is out of the way of your workout.

Two over-sized wheels on footing for easy, roll-away storage


Shipping Dimensions: 127x28x89 cm (48x35x11 in)
Assembled Dimensions: 122x65x133 cm (48x26x52 in)
Footprint: 122x65 cm (48x26 in)


Net Weight: 49.5kg /109 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 51.5kg/114 lbs.
Max User Weight: 159kg/350 lbs.
Component Parts to Assemble:

Front Stabilizer
Rear Stabilizer
Console Stem
Seat Post