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Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0

The Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 is a particularly light racket with tremendous power. The racket has an extra-large teardrop-shaped head with Powermax string pattern: there are two strings coming out of each tubing in the lower part of the racket head. The Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 has a very spacious sweet spot (= the ideal place to hit the ball) and also balls that you hit nearer to the frame are still easy to control. Because the strings run all the way to the shaft, they are considerably longer than in a traditional racket with a bridge. As a result, the string bed can move more freely and this provides extra ball acceleration and thus power during a shot.

The Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 is made of HM6 carbon. This material is inspired by one of the strongest structures in nature: honeycomb. By producing carbon fibres with a high modulus in hexagonal shape, shocks that are caused by the impact of the ball are better absorbed. This means that the Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 enables you to enjoy superb feel. The racket almost cuts through the air thanks to a special texture on the outside of the frame that significantly reduces air resistance. This layer is inspired by another natural structure, the sharkskin, and improves the aerodynamics of the Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 by up to 25%.

The frame of the Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 weighs only 115 grams, giving it the title of the lightest racket in the Dunlop collection. The racket has an extra-large racket head of no less than 500 cm2 and most weight is located in the bottom of the Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0, making the racket very mobile and ideal for an attacking playing style.

The Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 is a great choice for the ambitious recreational or advanced squash player who is looking for an agile, ultra-light racket with exceptional strength. The racket is ideal for players who wants to put their opponent under pressure by aggressive squash. The Dunlop Apex Infinity 4.0 comes with a full-size cover where you can safely store the racket when you're not using it.

  • Frame weight115 grams
  • ConstructionHM6 carbon
  • TechnologyAeroskin CX / Powermax
  • Length68,6 cm
  • Balancehead light
  • Head size500 cm2
  • String pattern14 x 18
  • StringGreat White 17G
  • GripHydramax Pro
  • Racket coverfull-size cover included
  • Colourblack / green
  • Successor of theDunlop Apex Infinity 3.0
  • Player levelintermediate / expert