Antero Men's Ski Boots (2019)

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The 2019 Apex Antero ski boots are a unique product in the ski world, insofar as they are a blend of snowboard boot and alpine ski boot. The outer shell, or chassis, holds the inner boot which resembles a stiff snowboard boot. For skiers who have had fit issues in the past, former snowboarders, or skiers who just like new and different things, the Apex Antero ski boots are the real deal. The inner boot has a boa closure system so you can ratchet the thing as tight as you like to gain some extra performance. Inside the boot is a custom moldable liner that can be fitted to your foot by a professional boot fitter. For snowboarders who may have wanted to switch to skiing but don't like the idea of plastic boots, the Apex Antero is the perfect solution. Conversely, for skiers who have long wanted to switch to snowboarding due to the comfortable boots, the Apex Antero is the perfect solution. When you buckle the boot into the chassis, it stops acting like a snowboard boot and starts acting like a legitimate alpine ski boot. Once you're locked in to the boot and step in to your skis, the only thing that feels different is the level of comfort. It's a full 360 degree wrap around feeling with no pressure points. As far as performance, the Antero is at the top of the Apex line, so you can rest assured that you have a high-performance ski boot on your foot.

Tri-Level Flex Rating: 115/125/135
3-Buckle Chassis
Tunable A-Flex Suspension
Customizable cuff alignment
Heat-Moldable Liner
Boa Closure system
Ability Level: Advanced Skiers