External Material
The L12.2 pads have a harder face with jenpro leather material, along with strategically placed double-layer jenpro underneath seams on the sides and inside the pads for stronger reinforcement in areas that could suffer greatly from wear and tear. On the inside edges, TRUE added a Fast Glide material for better slide feel and movement. Double cords hold the knee and inner materials together for added stability and durability.
Internal Construction
TRUE stiffened the upper core of the L12.2 pads for better rebound control and sealing the ice, which is also helped by the flat design and full use of HD foam material on the top. Strategically placed HD foam padding was also added along the edges for better protection, seal, and sliding comfort. The high-quality material in the knee block and padding further optimize the smooth sliding and comfort.
Pad Break
The pads have a very flat, traditional style with single breaks on both the inside and outside. They are stiffer in the upper portion, which is great for butterfly saves and sealing the five-hole. The flat rolls on the pads make rebounds much easier to control, which would usually be more difficult for stiffer pads.
Boot Angle & Toe Taper
TRUE and Lefevre focused on better ankle movement with these pads, so the flexible boot core on the L12.2 is designed to offer superior flexibility and support, particularly in up and down movements and when in the reverse-VH position. The boot has a stiff density to keep good coverage in that area. They feature a 90° boot angle for maximum coverage and a traditional feel. The tapering style of the pads in terms of stiffness keeps them flexible while not hindering coverage, like what most softer pads may fall short on.
Knee Cradle
The knee cradle on the L12.2 is recessed for a looser fit and good compatibility with personal knee guards. With the addition of high quality, modern materials and craftsmanship, it keeps a traditional look and feel while still being as durable and performing as well as the best pads on the market today. The knee block also has a SureGrip layer for better grip and knee comfort in that area.
Knee & Thigh Protection
A removable knee wrap was added to the side of the knee zone for extra protection as desired.
Strapping along the calf is wide, thin, and durable to cover more surface area and lessen the amount of force in a single area while moving, making them more comfortable and last longer. Underneath the calf strappings is a double strapping Fast Rotation System, or FRS. The FRS system fits snug against the leg and is a bit cylindrical, keeping you connected to the pads while allowing for quick and responsive rotation. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to puck movements is crucial for any goalie, and the FRS system hopes to make decisions on the ice even easier.

Category Elite/Pro-Inspired
Customizable Yes
External Material Jenpro Leather
Fast Glide Material
Internal Construction HD Foam
Knee & Calf Strapping FRS System
Knee Cradle Recessed
HD Foam and SureGrip Knee Block
Made In Canada
Pad Break Outer Single
Inner Single
Toe Taper 90°
Warranty 90 Days