The RibCor 76K features a C6 weave on the blade, which was developed using cutting edge design tools to drastically reduce weight without sacrificing durability. This allows the blade to be strong without feeling too heavy.

With the design of the RibCor 76K shaft, CCM went with a traditional t-shaped shaft. The proven square-shaped design provides players with a traditional feel that fits comfortably into the hands. A very classic but lightweight feel.

To help make the RibCor 76K a quick release stick, CCM is using a low kick point at the bottom of the shaft, just above the blade. This kick point maximizes loading while driving that ultra-quick release.

Back down at the blade of the RibCor 76K, CCM has included their C6 weave throughout the blade. This weave helps to keep the blade durable without sacrificing feel and control. The blade is an Ascent Blade 2, which has an optimized stiffness profile that transitions from softer in the heel to extra stiff in the toe, for heightened puck feel and quick release.