CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Shoulder Pads! While offering the same pro-level protection and comfortability, CCM has incorporated a few key features to this new protective line, making it their most advanced line to date!

Jumping right into the build of the Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads, CCM used an E-Fit Stretch Neck construction. This design is elastic and allows the neck to easily and comfortable fit!

Moving to the shoulders of the Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads, the caps are constructed with a protective and lightweight PE foam that provides players with a high level of protection. Just below the shoulder caps are the bicep guards with adjustable strapping allowing players to customize how the pads fit on their arms.

Molded-HD Floating foam was used in the spine area, enhancing the protection levels of the Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads. The sternum guard utilizes a Molded-PE foam that provides great protection and comfort. The D30 Smart material was utilized in these areas as well, helping to disperse the force of direct impacts in game!

Moving to the mid-section, the Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads feature an adjustable belly pad with Velcro adjustment straps! Not only does this provide players with a comfortable and protective feel, but a custom fit as well thanks to the front and back adjustable straps!